The Band

Barnett Greenberg

Barnett was introduced to music as a baby when his grandfather played him classical music as he crawled.

He has always loved listening to various kinds of music on the radio and later to his parents records and his own cassettes and CDs. The first album he was given was Micheal Jackson’s Thriller on cassette tape in 1982. His formal introduction to music was four years of piano lessons starting when he was around 8. He started playing percussion in elementary school at Royall Elementary School in Florence SC. He and his brother Andy tried to play guitar when they were around 6 and 7 but were not strong enough to push down the strings and after one or two lessons with Chris Cottross they stopped playing after getting frustrated and smashing their K mart bought acoustic guitars. Later at 8 he was given the Beatles White Album on cassette tapes for his birthday by his good friend Chris Haynes. This would very much info inspired him to play and write more songs. Barnett soon would get a black state of the art Les Paul knock off electric guitar and small fender amp and his brother Andy got a knock off Flying V Peavy. Later Andy and Barnett would draw all over and basically destroy the guitars.

Andy and Barnett would make up songs from a very young age and named their neighborhood club / gang / band The Magnadoors.

Barnett would pick up bass guitar when he was around 13 and played and sang in the rock band Griffin in middle school in the early 1990s with Nathan Baltzell, Dan Britton, Jason McMillan and sometimes Andy. They played some parties and played original as well as cover songs from bands like Beatles, R.E.M., Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Cream, Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynard, America, Stones, Neil Young, Yes, Spin Doctors, etc. Barnett also played with Andy’s jazz band The Big Toes. Andy and Barnett formed Green Tangerine as a vehicle for their original songs and cut an album in 1995 in Allen Johnson’s home studio. Barnett went off to Woodberry Forest School in Virginia from 10 to 12 grades where he played bass guitar and percussion in the Jazz, Pep, and symphonic bands as well as playing various types of music with various friends- rock, bluegrass etc. He played music on several CDs released at Woodberry. All through this time he was making up songs that he and his brother and Andy would work on when home. For college Barnett went to UNC where he was an English major, and he brought his bass and amp with him to play. He graduated with honors in English and also had one of his poems published in a UNC newsletter. He was writing songs and also played with various people. He saw music and lyric writing as a way to use his creativity. He practiced and played with Roman Candle -Skip and Logan Matheny – for a little while. Andy and Barnett went to Nashville TN in 1999to cut an original song “Magic Lasso” in their cousin professional songwriter Jonnie Barnett’s home studio. Andy was in college in New Orleans at Tulane where he played with various bands. They got together and recorded an album of original songs on an album called Catharsis in the early 2000s which they released on their own small record company Axon Records, LLC. Barnett was in Columbia SC in law school at the time and Andy was still in New Orleans working and in school.Barnett continued to play music in Columbia with lots of different people and bands, and he continued to write music/ songs on his own.

After law school Barnett went to Charleston where Andy was in dental school and Barnett played in lots of blues jams and played with various bands and musicians. He also continued to write his creative music. In 2014 he moved back to Florence and started playing with more musicians.

Through playing with Hounds and Rabbits he met and befriended great drummer Paul Shumaker. Through playing with the Pee Dee blues society he met guitarist Adam Evans. Funny enough Adam and Barnett played in middle school band together- Adam on horn , Barnett on percussion.

Allen was the manager of Parker music from 1983 to the mid 1990s. He had and has taught many people in the Pee Dee musical lessons, and he has played in various bands. Allen also had a recording studio, and he recorded Barnett and Andy in the early 1990s when they came to record originals.
After Barnett moved back to Florence in 2014 Barnett and Allen as a duo called The Barn Owls played at lots of nursing home and other gigs in the Pee Dee area.  Paul and Adam played with Allen and Barnett at an infamous VFW gig.  It was apparent the group played very well together.
The four of them came together in the studio in Florence to bring Barnett’s original songs to life. The name The Magnadoors was used which was the name of Barnett and Andy’s wild band/ neighborhood gang/ club from childhood.

Adam Evans

Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Allen Johnson

Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Paul Shumaker

Drums & Percussion